Wilshire Fireplace Shop   8924 W Olympic Blvd  Beverly Hills,CA90211   (310) 657-8183
Wilshire Fireplace Shop
8924 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly HillsCA 90211
 (310) 657-8183

Reviews Of Wilshire Fireplace Shop

4.75 8 Reviews
Arca 3
Aug 28, 2018

Aug 05, 2018

Wilshire Fireplace was punctual, professional and personal (and pricey). You get what you pay for and I would happily use them again!

Aug 03, 2018

Always professional and a pretty result

Nate Evans
Jul 25, 2018

Great products and overall service, needed a little more effort on communication for install.

Dave Gordon
Apr 29, 2018

They're 95% fireplaces with a few barbecue grills thrown in. They sell new items and also vintage antique items. They have a fine selection of accessories for fireplaces including about anything you could imagine. The latest thing are the digital fireplaces and they have those too and they just started with digital aquariums

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